Thursday, October 17, 2013

Mozilla Summit : A glance from my sight

Hello My Dear Friends,

Here I am to share my first Summit Experience!....

First Week of the month more than thousands of Mozillians Came from global proportions (contributors and staff) across three different countries: USA (Santa Clara), Canada (Toronto), and Belgium (Brussels) to help build and discuss about the future of the open web. This was #MozSummit 2013. It was a great experiment. Summit was everything. I had hoped for and much more there were moments as a site host that were challenging but as an attendee there were moments that were exciting, fun and powerful.

It was awesome. It was exhausting, fun, informative, interesting, inspiring, sometimes awkward, sometimes over the top. A big thank you is due to the organizers. They did a fantastic job on an event of this size, everything was well planned and went smoothly and there was a nice balance of talks, free time, etc. That is really hard to get right, so kudos.
it was for me the occasion to meet fellow Mozillians for the first in face to face, and to meet other I had never interacted with.

It was great to meet with lots of Mozillians outside the rendering team. That was probably the best thing about the time. Many of the technical sessions were really interesting too.
I found that we have a very friendly and vibrant community, spread across the globe, people passionate about the web, passionate about the users and the future of the web, from developers, designers, artists, translators to evangelist, marketing and administrative support. The full spectrum was represented.

For me, events like the Mozilla Summit are much more about getting to know new people and building rapport. Even given my focus on that there’s lots of interesting and random things that made an impact on me over the past week

All the face to face time – both with the people I talk with daily and with those I barely know – is very useful. I got new perspective on people I’ve known for a long time, built rapport, and was able to thank a lot of people for things they’ve helped me with over the years. I also learned a lot of things I wouldn’t have otherwise by talking with people I’ve never met. For this reason alone I hope we can find ways to have larger Mozilla events more often (that is, larger than a team’s work week but smaller than a full Summit).

Well, it is not the end of my Summit experience #MozillaSummit. It is a glance about Mozilla summit2013 from my sight. Still I have lots of things to share My experience, Summit in my view, what summit gave me? and many more.....  

I will update and publish soon my next blog post.....

-Komal Gandhi

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