Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Hello Mozillians,

Today I am going to tell you: How Womaniya Gets Sponsored by State Police.
First, I would like to share you about Womaniya Concept:
What Womaniya is:
Womaniya is the event of 'Mozilla Community Bhopal', It is Specially for Women Developers to promote 'WoMoz' program in India.
This is the first ever WoMoz event for launching, introducing and creating awareness about the program within the Bhopal community as well as we will identify the challenges facing women in technology and ways to solve and increase the number of Women in technology and open source.

We were searching venue for our event with 1000 audience capacity. But, some of the venues are already booked in the city because it’s time for ‘International Women’s Day’ they are booked for some functions related to Girls Empowerment.
In the meantime, I have met an IPS Officer. I have shared with him about my Womaniya plan. I explained about Mozilla – It is a Non-profit organization and struggle for Open web and open source; also I explained to him what the open web is and why we have to protect it. And I explained the WoMoz program and convinced him to try to helping us to provide any resources.
He liked the whole concept very much and then he introduced me to city DIG - Additional Commissioner of Police, Bhopal. I explained him my event theme and concept, He really amazed that our students are doing this type of work apart from our study, for a common goal/mission and we’re planning for a big event with theme of women’s in Technology. He wondered, after knowing about Mozilla, and Mozilla Communities working way/concept. He really impressed with the event concept and theme. He gave me his contact number and He expressed his interest to meet with all rest of the community members. So, I invited him for our community Meetup. 

DIG - Additional Commissioner of Police, Bhopal in Community Meetup Bhopal
In the Meetup I shared our event venue problem that we are searching a good venue for the Womaniya event with him and he said that he really impressed that all students are passionate working with their zeal, and everyone is an expert in the technology. He said, he will try to all possible help to get a venue.
Also, he discussed with us that Bhopal (City) Police will launch a public security system against violence and crime soon with highly secure technology as foreign lines. How they will work so fast? Same as they are implementing the complete setup. They advanced invited us to explore that system work technology and find bugs, there for State government, as we’re finding bugs in Mozilla Firefox browsers.. ;)
Then, on 28th January He invited me to his office to discuss about sponsor our event. He Told me that he will sponsor me a good venue by the Madhya Pradesh Police (State Police Department) with 1000 audience capacity. I agree with that because, we were searching a good venue, but couldn’t find a good one. He called to police marketing dept. and asked to book BHEL Auditorium immediately. 

BHEL Auditorium
About BHEL: ‘Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited’ owned by the Government of India, is a power plant equipment manufacturer and operates as an engineering and manufacturing company based in New Delhi, India.

Now, State police is sponsoring only Venue for Mozilla Community Bhopal’s event – ‘Womaniya’ with the cost of 50,000/- Rs.
So, this is the story How Madhya Pradesh Police (State Police) Involved with us.
We’re inviting, Mr. Umashankar Gupta -  Higher Education Minister, Mrs. Krishna Gaur - Mayor, Bhopal and Mr. Pavan Jain IPS -  Commissioner of Police (State) as our chief guest at the event.
Also, we’re having some extra Demo sessions on self-defense for girls, and cybercrime. 
Everything is going as per plan; we started our promotion by 20th February 2014 for Womaniya.
Hope we will rock with ‘Womaniya‘