Sunday, June 2, 2013

Flash your GeeksPhone Keon or Peak in Windows Os.

Firefox OS is a cutting-edge mobile operating system, designed to render the highest performance. It Based on open standards, being open source software, and with the commitment of Mozilla Foundation towards a Free Web, Firefox OS has openness written on its DNA. Firefox OS implements the latest web standards, and makes them the core of its inner workings. The concepts of true "multi-platform" becomes a reality, and the developer can take his applications to their full potential.

Keon: Firefox OS
1) To updated your Keon follow some steps:
Make sure you have at least 50% of battery remaining. This is important, because if your phone switch off while updating, maybe you will need to RMA it.

2) Check on Remote Debugging. 
With the phone not connected by USB, go to Settings, Device Information, More Information, Developer and check on Remote Debugging.

Check On Remote Debugging
3) Download:
You can download the modified driver from the geek-phone site direct zip link:
Unzip the drivers to a suitable location. Remember where you downloaded it, because you will need it later.

4) USB Driver:
The next step is more difficult - mainly due to having to find and configure USB drivers for the Phone. Use a USB cable to connect it to your computer. If you are using Windows, maybe it will ask for install some drivers. If drivers are not found by Windows Update, you can use the folder that you unzip in step 3.

5) How to Install Drivers in Windows:
To check that the driver has installed in Windows the phone should show in the Device Manager.
That is, use the Device Manager, right click on the unknown/Android device icon and use Update Drivers.

Device Manager
Then Browse for the driver location, i.e. wherever you have stored the 'usb_driver' directory and let Windows complete the installation.

6) Download Image:
Download the needed image. All the images are in the GeeksPhone forums ( Make sure that you download the image needed by your device (Keon or peak). Or you can download directly from here:

7) Run File:
Unzip the image in a folder, enter the folder and execute the script. Double click on Flash.bat file. A CMD window will open and your B2G OS will start to automatic updated in your Connected Keon. { is for Linux, Flash.bat is for Windows and is for Macintosh (you need android sdk).}

8) Reboot: 
Wait until the device reboots and get the First Time Setup.

For more steps you can follow this link:

If you have any Problem, post it in the Geeksphone fourms.
or if you have any doubt Directly ping me:

Good luck
Happy Testing

-Komal Gandhi

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