Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Opensource and Mozilla Enthusiasts Meetup - I

Hello Friends,

This time I am here with Mozilla Bhopal Community Meetup story. This Meetup is really a great and awesome Meetup yet in all of the community meetups, because in this Meetup there were 21 attendees, they all are passionate, geeky peoples and much Interested to know more about Mozilla. It’s like a surprised thing for me, that community suddenly grows up. 

This Meetup is for to collect all mozillians from the city. This Meetup is intended to collaborate all mozillians and non mozillians (who are interested) and inaugurate Mozilla Community Bhopal.

I started to make contact with all FSA group in Bhopal. I found 3-4 FSA groups here in my city – ‘NRI Mozillians’, ‘Arduous Club Bhopal’, ‘Bansal Firefox Club’ and SAM Firefox Club. Unfortunately, I could not make contact with Bansal and SAM club. Well, now it’s time for planning to create an agenda….

Check it out here:

I have discussed to my dear mentor ‘William Duyck’ and took help from my friend and  mozillian ‘Jafar Muhammed’.

Basically, I have decided 4 metrics for this meetup. Let see how much I fulfilled them.

Metric #1 Education

Success scenario #1 Volunteer Students learn ways to involve contributors in their projects

Result: - 90%

Metric #2 Strengthen community bonding

Success scenario #2 Connect mozillians, FSA, WoMoz and other contributors.

Result: - 101%
Metric #3 Summit discussion

Success scenario #3 Those who attended the summit, will share their summit experiences and also what we learn from the summit.

Result: - Lack of timing we could not shared Summit experience.

Metric #4 Tech - learn - Hack

Success scenario #4 Introduce to mozillians with mozilla’s new tools like Appmaker, Mozilla Brick, Togetherjs.

Result: - 98%

Me and my mozillian friend ‘Anju Chandel’ we decided to keep some useful/fruitful contest for all attendees. ;) I kept 3 tasks - 1) Badge Designing 2) Poster designing and 3) Webmaker makes.
Before 2 days of the event I had contact with Webmaker GURU and My Dost – “GauthamRaj” to be judge cum mentor on the day of my meetup to select best makes and designing. He did really great job and selected 1 badge design for us.

It was NRI Mozillians group Bhopal, who won the Mozilla swag.

For poster designing, I had divided to attendees into 2 groups and gave them all required stationary and 1 hour to use their creativity. After 1 hour,
What I saw?.. :O
It was really amazing and superb!...

They guys did amazing creativity, 1 group made new Mozilla Community logo. Well, this contest became die because both are creations were awesome. ;)

Finally, we inaugurated our Community Bhopal, with these 21 passionate and geeky guys to cut the cake. ;) It was yummy!... :P :P

I would like to say thanks to GGITM, SIRT and NRI Mozillians group to made this meetup successful and usher in community Bhopal..

Finally, I like to mention my all community members name here, who are attended this awesome community meetup, and made this awesome!.. 

Palak Jain, Anju Chandel, Amarpal Singh Rajput, Vaibhav Bajaj, Jitendra Khasdev, Jai Sharma, Aarthish Kumar, Chandan Kuar Baba, Avinash Seth, Arpit Singhal, Saket Jain, Sumbul Afroz ali,  Smriti Jain, Divya Thakre, Parag Jain, Nayan Jain, Prince Shankushal, Bharat Jain..

Thank you
Komal Gandhi


  1. it was truly an enduring event thankyou komal mam for this wonderful blog and the wonderful event you organised its success reason was you :)

    1. Thank you Aartish, It became Wonderful because of you guys support!... :)

  2. This is nice and cool.
    the posters are good and whole meetup is too.

    Unfortunately i missed the event but i am effective now and i would love to work with you guys.
    i saw the posters and videos and i think that i will be good with you all.

    i nave good art skills and i can make posters better than these.
    lets see you guys in next meetup.

    1. Defiantly,
      I have trust on your skills!.. ;)
      well, dnt worry, its just starting you will there from next!.. :)