Monday, November 11, 2013

Opensource and Mozilla Enthusiasts Meetup

Hello Friends,

Here I am to introduce my community meetup planning with you all... :)

The Community Team and Mozilla Remo will be working together to host the first team correlating workshop at the Snow vision iTech. This  workshop is intended to teach and learn various Mozilla projects and  improve their projects by adding community to the mix and learning how other teams have been successful doing so. Also we will Inaugurate Official Mozilla Club Bhopal. Androus Firefox Club Bhopal also will be there for further planning.

I and my Mozillian friend decided to inaugurate Mozilla club Bhopal, because  we had done many events and meetups here, so its time to connect all volunteer and collaborate all.
Well, here is snow vision iTech institute supporting us, and providing resource for this meetup to make successful. For that I am really thankful to Institute owner 'Anju Chandel'.
So, we have decided agenda of this meetup.

Planning Dashboard

We have planned before a month actually. So that everything gonna be good and proper on time.

(We will discuss on these topics)

1) Mozilla Mission
2) What Mozillians do?
3) Work Distribution in Community
  • Documentation
  • Planning
  • Event Managing
  • Further Activities in Community
4) Tech, Learn and Hack
  • AppMaker
  • OS App.
  • Popcorn
  • Safari Books Online
  • Badge Design
5) Inauguration of Community Bhopal
6) Discuss about upcoming project (womaniya)

For more information:
Complete Agenda

Making Agenda
I specially thanks to my some mozillian friends (Sujith Reddy and Jafar Muhammed) who giving online support and suggested me an idea to create a meetup and manage community-building for community Bhopal. :)

-Komal Gandhi
WoMoz Mentor

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