Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My Journey About Womaniya

Hello friends,

As we know, Community Bhopal going to organize WoManiya Event in the ‘city of Lake’ - Bhopal. This event is basically to promote Womoz program in the city and get more women developer in Mozilla and open source.

Before to going to tell you more about this event, I would like to share you the story of ‘WoManiya’.
This time was Gnuify’13 – ‘Mozilla community India Meetup’ in SICSR College Pune where I invent this name – ‘WoManiya’…. we were discussing about future big event in India on this Mopad .  Soumya Deb was standing there near to board and note down the details about events, I was discussing with Ashish Namdev sir, about Bhopal’s upcoming events. Sara Khan dii Suggested me organize a Women specific event to promote Womoz program in Bhopal. Suddenly this Name clicked in my mind - ‘WoManiya’.  I had raised my name and share this name to other Mozillians, this name is quite funny.
We have a Bollywood song also with this name- ‘WoManiya’ Lyrics are: - Oh Womaniya, ahh Womaniya. : P :) 

So, First I decided to organize this event in March 2013. But in that time we do not have strong community in Bhopal, then I decided to build a strong community first then I will plan for Womaniya. I have organized many events and meetups and recruited many students and make them aware about Mozilla’s Mission and open source.

Till December 2013 I had 21 active and enthusiastic Mozillians students. I did brainstorming meetups with all Mozillians. They started their contribution in Mozilla into different projects like AOA – Army of awesome, It is quite interesting and easy way of contributions; Blogging- Through this we can express ourselves and share our experiences about contributing in Mozilla or open source; Webmaker – It is another interesting project, generally students like to work on it.

Community Bhopal Contribution
I shared with my community members to all about ‘WoManiya’ planning. Everyone got excited by this plan, and finally we decided to organize WoManiya event on 8th March International Women’s Day.

Coming soon : More about #WoManiya

Komal Gandhi

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