Wednesday, April 3, 2013

MozFest & Firefox OS App Day Bhopal

We hosted a virtual event MozFest & Firefox OS App Day Bhopal on 23th March 2013. It was a fantastic experience for me to host my first virtual event. Following are the link for our event.

It was a very successful event in terms of achieving our goals.

City Bhopal (Capital of M.P.) is the Education hub of the state Madhya Pradesh. Here are 146 engineering college in the city. We decide to conduct our event in SIRT (Sagar Institute of Research and Technology Bhopal) College. Because, here are many Engg. colleges in the city so, in large amount of students come here from outside for study. 

In India here are 8 most popular festivals “
Holi is one of them. This event scheduled nearby Indian festival “Holi”. That's why we couldn't get enough student strength. Because, many students went to their home towns. But with help of College management we succeed in terms of achieving our goals.

Indian Festival Holi
The event started with an introductory session on “Who we are?” and “Why we are Here?” by me. As per the scheduled 'Amarpal Singh' has given the session on “What is Mozilla?”, “About Mozilla Mission” which made the audience to get to know about the Mozilla as most of the people associates Mozilla with only Browsing.

Amarpal Singh taking his session
Then Vaibhav Bajaj has given a session on Open source, and Mozilla Mission caught the attention of the audience with the cool video shown by him and he encouraged the participants towards Open source scout. 

Vaibhav Bajaj taking his session
After that a session by me (Komal Gandhi) and Vaibhav Bajaj on Firefox Browser with a demo on how can keep Secure our browsing. 

After this, A session on WoMoz by me (Komal Gandhi) and Divya Thakre we described about what is WoMoz?, how its useful for women?. This session added beauty to the event. :P

Komal Gandhi and Divya Thakre presenting Womoz

Then, Amarpal has given a session on Mozilla Student representative, which made most of the students interested to get involved in Mozilla. He shown the career opportunities at Mozilla ( and introduced how to become official volunteer of Mozilla i.e  about Official Mozillian.

Amarpal singh with his session
After that me (Komal Gandhi) and Vaibhav Bajaj, we shown the some cool Mozilla videos. And Started student recruiting procedure. Vaibhav and me asked some Questions to audience and distributed Mozilla swag.

Distributing Mozilla Swag
After Break time we started lab session.  

Break Time
Out of 60 students, 47 students came in the lab with excitement. Then me (Komal Gandhi) and Vaibhav Bajaj, given a session on Web maker – Web Making tools with demo on Hackasaurus and Mozilla thimble.

Lab session
Then we gave them a task to create something creative or innovative using these tools (X-Ray Goggles). But, we can say this our bad luck suddenly electricity gone (its common problem in India :P). We can’t save their links. :(

Then we finish up our session. 

Vaibhav Bajaj and Komal Gandhi
In this event we have 2 special guest Shafique Patni and Shdab Khan from Indore, they Invited by me with Faisal sir's reference. Thank you so much for coming.

Mozilla Bhopal and Indore Team
I thankful to the Mozilla Student Reps "Vaibhav Bajaj", "Divya Thakre" and “Amarpal Singh Rajput” who were present as Student Rep Attendees for the event and made it successful. I thank Shridhar and Ankit who were the Volunteer of our Event from SIRT College and helped us to make this event successful happen in their campus.
                            I couldn't have done this event without the support of RajAnand Sir who helped me to support making Audience for the event. He acted as a treasurer for this event. I am very thankful to Megha Kamble maa’m who gave us permission to make this event successful happen in their campus. 
                              A special thanks to the all the Supporters Ajay Jogawath, Hitesh Mangtani, Manel Rhaiem, Delphine Lebedel, and all others who helped me directly or indirectly for making the event so successful.

                               A very special Thanks to Faisal Aziz sir, who helped me a lot, he encouraged me, Support me, and Motivate me, Like God Father :P

The event was a collaborative effort of all participants. The entire team worked with full of dedication and enthusiasm. The credit of this successful event goes to the whole team. :) 
This event’s Actual planning Made by Ashish Namdev (Sir).
Thank you so much sir to involve me.....

For more pics of the event, just follow this link: ;)