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Mozilla had come a long way, so we were celebrated 15 years of the foundation's hard work and the Open web. 

What is the Celebration about? 
How did it Begun? 

How has Mozilla Contributed so far? 
How will it contribute further?

Mozilla Community Bhopal held a mini-party with fellow Mozillians, celebrating Mozilla's Birthday!.. 
We have prepared a cake to share with all, who came.
 Many joined us, no matter they're a Mozillian or not :)

Mozilla Community Bhopal had Celebrated Mozilla’s 15th year completion on 30th March 2013.

29th March 2013-

We were confused, where should we celebrate? Whom can be included in the celebrations? We had 4-5 options, of the venue. After a long discussion between Vaibhav, Divya and me (Komal Gandhi) we decided Children Park as our venue. We ordered Mozilla Cake at Bake’n Shake Shop. We selected Black forest with jelly as Mozilla Cake flavor. Yummy :D

 Mozilla Community Bhopal - Mozilla Cake
30th March 2013-
Finally, according to planning, we were collected at 3:00 O’clock at Jyoti Cineplex, Mp Nagar. We received our cake. Then we reached to the venue, Children Park BHEL. We took permission to Park manager for organizing a little celebration there. There were lots of children, as expected. We selected place for celebration, Divya and me (Komal Gandhi) gathered children for our celebration. Then, we distributed Mozilla stickers and Mozilla badges to the kids. We made the children to cut the cake.
Vaibhav Bajaj (Student Rep), who is professionally, free lancer photographer started clicking lots of pics and video taped the whole celebrations.
We celebrated Mozilla’s 15th anniversary loud. It was huge, was rocking infact. In the Park, To see our celebrations, Many people joined us. Divya and me (Komal Gandhi) distributed Cake to all, and told them a short story about Mozilla. We told them about Mozilla in some steps.-
  • What are we doing here?
  • What's Mozilla?
  • Why Mozilla?
  • Who we are?
  • Contribution Procedure.

With Students, their parents were also excited with our activity. And they showed up interest too.

Mozilla Comunity Bhopal - With Interested Parents
We Celebrated Mozilla 15th anniversary successfully with joy.
In last, also we celebrated Indian festival "Holi", with Mozilla. :v

Mozilla Community Bhopal - Holi Festival
Some video links, created by Vaibhav Bajaj:

I thank the Mozilla Student Reps "Vaibhav Bajaj" and "Divya Thakre" who were present as Student Rep Attendees for the event and made it successful. 

 A special thanks to the all the supporters AjayJogawath, Manel Rhaiem, Delphine Lebedel, and all others who helped me directly or indirectly for making the event a success.

Finally, A special thanks to Community holder, Mozilla rep “Faisal Aziz” sir, and “Ashish Namdev”. They helped me a lot. I couldn't have done this event without the support of both of the senior Mozillians.

For More pics, Please follow this link:

- WoMoz -
Komal Gandhi
Mozilla Rep
Bhopal, India

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