Friday, July 19, 2013

Story Of MozConnect'13

Hello Friends,

           It is honored being a part of Mozilla Community India,
          Today, I am sharing my experience about Mozconnect13 [Indore].

                      This is my intense pleasure to share my experience with you all for the very first event on Open Source in Indore at ‘Malwa Institute of Science & Technology’(MIST) which is one of the best college in Indore city. After, a great learning experience from Mozilla India work-week. Indore has a large student population in colleges and schools
Malwa Institute of Science & Technology
In Indore it was first time Mozconnect13 event conduct by Mozilla Community Bhopal, which is fruitful for students. 
 We got the opportunity to take a session on Mozilla and its Mission, Products and Tools. There were a great number of students came to attend the session also there were Girls attendees too. Their faces are like they want to learn and listen from us.

By-d-way Indore is famous for different taste, culture, sweets dish & varieties. ;)

 The event started with a warm welcome and introduction to all speakers. After that the dais was taken by 'Community Bhopal Head' & 'speaker' Mr. Faisal Aziz (Mozilla Remo), where he made the attendees familiar with the actual "story about mozilla firefox". 

He proceeded with session with the different "mozilla products" and its "goals and mission". It was really an interactive session where the attendees were eager and passionate by raising their queries.
         He showed some videos about Mozilla stories which made interest, and light hearted atmosphere. They cleared their doubts also about the myths of Mozilla and Foss world. This session was the most interactive one.

Next the dais was taken by 'Community Bhopal Founder' - Mr. Ashish Namdev (Sumo Hi-In Lead & Mozilla Remo). 

Before leaving the mike Mr.Faisal Aziz had invite Mr. Ashish Namdev to take a session on "Testing" When he started the session the faces (students) are looking like they are very excited for what Ashish sir is going to deliver them. 

The session was very knowledgeable, he told about ‘Firefox nightly’. He carries forward the session with "Testing". Also he gave deme on how to perform testing with Firefox Browser. The attendees were very enthusiastic in learning. It was also an awesome session were the attendees learn a lot. This session was the soul of whole event.
Even I learned about testing. I would like to say thank to my sir. ;)

Finally wait is over!...  :D 
Guess for what ??.....
It’s time for ‘WoMoz’ Yeah!..  
2nd WoMoz from India, & Mozilla Remo, - Ms. Sara Khan (My Best sister & my true guardian) was much excited to go on the dais and represent ‘WoMoz’, and I nervous in front of her much excitement. ;) 
She encouraged me and finally we both on the dais. This session was started by Sara (dii) and me (Komal Gandhi). We made the attendees especially to our WoMoz seating around by letting them know there participation into WoMoz. ". As there were many girls Attendee so the response was great, this session was very interesting for them and we also talked about the different opportunities for Womoz in Mozilla..

Now it was a time to make something amazing and together!
Ashish Sir Support me in this Flicks session.

So, I started session on "Firefox Flicks". I told them we’re looking for videos that tell the story of how having access to the Web through a mobile device can change the way you see the world and how you function within it. I gave the details of the Contest, How they can make a short film, what is Firefox OS? How do we enter? What is the deadline? I explained how the attendees can create videos that tell the story of how having access to the Web through a mobile device. Then we had looked some 2012 winning Videos to explain clearly & to encourage attendees.  I explained rules about video submission. Also I gave details about prizes, explained them about grand prize, regional prize and people’s choice award. 

Now, I especially thanks to Galaxy sir who inspired me to promote and take session on flicks, he sent me some flicks swags for the session. It was really an awesome session and we got a great and fantastic response.

Next the session on l10n was carried forward by Community Bhopal Head - Mr. Faisal Aziz and WoMoz - Sara Khan. Here they made the fellas how they can work and contribute on different localized projects using pootle. Also they made them familiar about the Nemo Project.

Than we turn on the web-maker #techtheweb

I (Komal Gandhi) and Ms. Sara Khan took over the web-maker session. I explaining about Mozilla web-maker tools started with “When you think about it, the idea behind “view source” is incredible. Not only can you, with the click of a button, instantly reveal a site’s code; you can copy, paste, tweak and make that code into something all your own. In many ways, it’s this concept that helped make the Internet such a revolutionary tool in the first place. And it’s this idea that lives at the heart of an open source web culture.

It’s also the idea at the heart of Mozilla’s Web-maker project: to inspire people to make the web through remixing and building upon the work of others. We want as many people as possible to become web-makers—and to learn how to build the web by mucking around with code in a playful and exploratory way.” We made the attendees familiar with the different web-making tools like X-ray goggles, thimble and pop-corn. It was really a fun and enjoyment session were the also some students got success in making videos and templates with the tools. It was an awesome letting them know the digital literacy and power of web.
Students are very enthusiastic, passionate, innovative, and creative in MIST, they want to learn much more about Open Source Web technology.

We demonstrate keon devices to attendees. And explained features about Firefox OS, and also told them that they can make applications for Firefox OS.  

At the end we have distributed swags among the attendees. It was totally a fun..!! 

This was a very successful event where we found the students enthusiasm about the FOSS world. They were also passionate and eager to meet, make and learn. The event was a grand success.
Date:  6th July, 2013

Venue: Malwa Institute of Science & Technology (MIST)

Speakers: Faisal Aziz, Ashish Namdev, Sara Khan, Komal Gandhi

Host By: Shafique Patni, Shadab Khan

Active Supporters: Vaibhav Bajaj, Dharmendra Singh, Nilesh Gupte, Suhail Khan & Akshay Kumar Jadhav.


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