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MakerParty @ GGITM, Bhopal

Hello My Friends,

Again I am here with my new success story of the Event!... 

This event is about 2nd Mozilla Webmaker Party in Bhopal organized by me. 

The web gives us all the chance to be creators, makers and inventors. Maker Party is about joining thousands of people across the globe to make something amazing, teach each other new skills, and have a great time doing it.”
Mark Surman, Mozilla’s Executive Director

Mozilla Team Bhopal

On June 15, Mozilla kicked off Maker Party — our flagship Webmaker event and a three-month long global celebration of making and learning on the web. Buoyed by the success of last year’s Summer Code party, we tried hard to make this year’s global celebration of webmaking even bigger and better. And thanks to the incredible work of Mozillians and party hosts around the world, it was!

Webmaking is fun but teaching others to make the web is even more fun!....

started the session to familiar the students with the 'Open Source', and my interesting topics - 'About Mozilla', and 'How Mozilla different', 'Ways of getting involved with Mozilla' and the 'Different Mozilla products'.
I showed some Mozilla videos as well. Then I
told them about the Firefox Student Ambassador program.

Giving Talk on Mozilla and FSA Program

After, I got a chance to talk on my favorite topic WoMoz. Girls attendees looking excited when I was told about How girls can Contribute in a Community and come forward like a leader. I Gave them my example. ;) 

Give Talk on WoMoz

Suddenly, A girl name 'Monika Sharma' asked me common but important Question. - 
'Can I make my career in women mozilla'?. 
Then, I explained her with examples of 'Mitchell Baker' and also showed some videos how can she improve her skills and knowledge and make career secure and bright with getting involved in Mozilla.
After, my explanation I can see that satisfaction, curiosity and happiness on their faces. 

Satisfaction, Curiosity and Happiness

Now it was time for most interesting part that is Mozilla Quiz.
I hosted the quiz with my mozillian friend Vaibhav and I was like a learning session with lots of fun. Question were easy and interactive most of them was set by Vaibhav Bajaj and I
added a few of my crazy questions. We distributed some mozilla swags to participants.

Then, I told them to students about the Mozilla Maker Party. I
told them about What is webmaker party? and Why we are celebrating? After it, Vaibhav gave a demonstration of webmaker tools, Thimble and popcorn. Then, Anju (Mozillian) told them about the theme/topic of the day which was "My Favorite browser", and we gave them 1:30 hours to make makes

GGITM Students making their Makes

All the participants actually did a great job. All the awesome makes can be found here.

This is amazing how at every Webmaker event, I kind of find it difficult to end the event. We always go beyond the scheduled time and the participants never want to stop! Thimble is that addictive!

But, unfortunately, every good thing need to come to an end, so did our event. Some goodies were distributed to the candidates who made some awesome remixes and also to the volunteers whose help and untiring efforts made the event a grand success.
We heard over and over how much fun people had at this year’s Maker Party. Collaboratively exploring coding and learning to make and share things on the web proved to be an engaging, joyful process for people across the globe, regardless of their skill levels.

Distributing Swags
“At the end of this session, I asked an attendee what he thought of learning collaboratively 

and he said “I spent half the session teaching that other guy in CSS, and it was so much fun.”” — Maker Party in Bhopal, India.

Please stop by, make some art and hang it on our walls. Knock down some of our walls and help us build new ones. Tell us what you love, tell us what you need, tell us how we can make Webmaker even better. We’ll be hosting our “open house” for the next couple months, so come on in.

Mozilla Bhopal team with GGITM Students

 Many event hosts were not formal educators. By connecting with other web enthusiasts eager to share skills, Maker Parties were a great way to gain experience and form networks.

During my first class, I was kind of nervous, but my students were awesome. They really loved the innovation experience that we shared together. I really felt it was a learning and teaching experience for all of us.” — Komal Gandhi, Mozilla Representative, Student Coordinator, Bhopal India

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