Sunday, March 30, 2014

Womaniya - 2

Hello friends,
My blog post is about to final report on Womaniya event. ;)

Womaniya Outline:
The growing access of the web in the late 21th century, has allowed women to empower themselves by using various tools on the Internet. With the introduction of the World Wide Web, women have begun to use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to start online activism. Through online activism, women are able to empower themselves by organizing campaigns and voicing their opinions for equality rights without feeling oppressed by members of society.

Womaniya has been the first ever WoMoz event for launching, introducing and creating awareness about the program within the Bhopal community as well as we will identify the challenges facing women in technology and ways to solve and increase the number of Women in technology and open source.

WoMoz – Women + Mozilla: - Mozilla is a global community of technologists, thinkers and builders working together to keep the Internet alive and accessible.
WoMoz is a community composed of members from different Open Source projects. We are mainly dedicated to improving women's visibility and involvement in Free/Open Source and Mozilla, and to increase the number of women contributors in technology.
The seminar aimed to provide technical knowledge for woman empowerment and the whole program would help in developing a better understanding regarding the tools and technology used nowadays.

Womaniya is basically 2 day event Organized by Mozilla Community Bhopal on International Women’s Day 8th and 9th March 2014 in BHEL Auditorium Bhopal.
This event is getting associated with the Madhya Pradesh Police. Read here (

On 8th March Womaniya started at 10:00 am, the first half dedicated to the Bhopal police department. They have covered Demo on Self Defense, Presentation on Cybercrime, Mahila Help line.

Additional Director General of Police Pawan Jain informed that the knowledge was the primary tool of empowerment and in the current scenario technical knowledge had become important for everyone.

Mozilla’s technical sessions were started from Second half.
We have covered “Introduction to Mozilla and its Products”, “Introduction to WoMoz and Womaniya ”,“ LightBeam ”,“ Quiz and Fun Activities”.

All students enjoyed and even they raised their hands and ask their questions and queries related to mission of Mozilla, and browser tracking – light-beam.
Well, after having an awesome time on the first day we were prepared to make it more awesome for the second day.

On the second day we started 3 simultaneous sessions in the auditorium.
Webmaker Session by Sumantro Rijandal mukhargee
Dev Tools by Soumya Deb
Firefox Student Ambassador by Umesh Agarwal.
Then, Faisal Aziz started their session on Localization after that Jafar Muhammed took his session on HTML5, HTML5 crimes and RWD – Responsive Web Designing, I was facilitator there.

Continuing with more session on App development and other activities we moved on to quiz and Fun activities.
How we measure success of Womaniya?? (Via metrics)
Metric 1: - Women Developer
Success scenario: - 1 We will get at least 450 + women developers
Result: - 50% completed
Metric 2: -Promote WoMoz
Success scenario: - We promote the WoMoz program
Result: - 100% completed (We were having 4 WoMoz sessions on different topics)
Metric 3: - Creativity
Success scenario: - 100% Women Creativity for Mozilla
Result: - 80% completed
Metric 4: - Fun
Success scenario: - 100%
Result: - 101% completed ;)
Metric 5:- Developing
Success scenario: - Focused development event, we will develop Firefox OS apps, Thimble Templates, and Add-ons.
Result: - 75% completed (we were having these all development sessions, but due to some connection problem we could not develop any app.)
Metric 6: - Teach - Learn - Hack
Success scenario: - Teach hacking tips and lots of knowledge. And learn creative things.
Result: - 100% completed (attendee feedback says they learnt lots of new things)
Metric 7: - Awareness
Success scenario: - 100% - about Open source and Mozilla
Result: - 100% completed (we had a great session on the introduction of Mozilla and about open source by Faisal Aziz sir)
Metric 8: - Webmaker
Success scenario: - To teach attendants how to use the webmaker tools and get innovative makes 100%
Result: - 100% completed
Metric 9: - Media Coverage
Success scenario: - We will spread the word about open source, and mozilla with a local news channel and local newspapers.
Result: - 100% completed
Womaniya has been the first ever 2 day’s events organized by Mozilla Bhopal In association with Madhya Pradesh police. Mozilla Bhopal has all teenage members, we all managed everything nicely. I really thankful to all who contributed to making this event succeed.

Womaniya Team: - Vaibhav Bajaj, Smriti Jain, Shiva Goyal, Jitendra Khasdev, Aartish Kumar, Prince Shankushal, Anju Chandel, Chandan baba, Arpit Singhal, Jai Sharma, Saket jain.

Womaniya Speakers: - Komal gandhi, Soumya Deb, Umesh Agarwal, Jafar Muhammed, Tanha Islam, Sumantro Mukharjee, Faisal Aziz.

Event Pics 1:
Events Pics 2:

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Hello Mozillians,

Today I am going to tell you: How Womaniya Gets Sponsored by State Police.
First, I would like to share you about Womaniya Concept:
What Womaniya is:
Womaniya is the event of 'Mozilla Community Bhopal', It is Specially for Women Developers to promote 'WoMoz' program in India.
This is the first ever WoMoz event for launching, introducing and creating awareness about the program within the Bhopal community as well as we will identify the challenges facing women in technology and ways to solve and increase the number of Women in technology and open source.

We were searching venue for our event with 1000 audience capacity. But, some of the venues are already booked in the city because it’s time for ‘International Women’s Day’ they are booked for some functions related to Girls Empowerment.
In the meantime, I have met an IPS Officer. I have shared with him about my Womaniya plan. I explained about Mozilla – It is a Non-profit organization and struggle for Open web and open source; also I explained to him what the open web is and why we have to protect it. And I explained the WoMoz program and convinced him to try to helping us to provide any resources.
He liked the whole concept very much and then he introduced me to city DIG - Additional Commissioner of Police, Bhopal. I explained him my event theme and concept, He really amazed that our students are doing this type of work apart from our study, for a common goal/mission and we’re planning for a big event with theme of women’s in Technology. He wondered, after knowing about Mozilla, and Mozilla Communities working way/concept. He really impressed with the event concept and theme. He gave me his contact number and He expressed his interest to meet with all rest of the community members. So, I invited him for our community Meetup. 

DIG - Additional Commissioner of Police, Bhopal in Community Meetup Bhopal
In the Meetup I shared our event venue problem that we are searching a good venue for the Womaniya event with him and he said that he really impressed that all students are passionate working with their zeal, and everyone is an expert in the technology. He said, he will try to all possible help to get a venue.
Also, he discussed with us that Bhopal (City) Police will launch a public security system against violence and crime soon with highly secure technology as foreign lines. How they will work so fast? Same as they are implementing the complete setup. They advanced invited us to explore that system work technology and find bugs, there for State government, as we’re finding bugs in Mozilla Firefox browsers.. ;)
Then, on 28th January He invited me to his office to discuss about sponsor our event. He Told me that he will sponsor me a good venue by the Madhya Pradesh Police (State Police Department) with 1000 audience capacity. I agree with that because, we were searching a good venue, but couldn’t find a good one. He called to police marketing dept. and asked to book BHEL Auditorium immediately. 

BHEL Auditorium
About BHEL: ‘Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited’ owned by the Government of India, is a power plant equipment manufacturer and operates as an engineering and manufacturing company based in New Delhi, India.

Now, State police is sponsoring only Venue for Mozilla Community Bhopal’s event – ‘Womaniya’ with the cost of 50,000/- Rs.
So, this is the story How Madhya Pradesh Police (State Police) Involved with us.
We’re inviting, Mr. Umashankar Gupta -  Higher Education Minister, Mrs. Krishna Gaur - Mayor, Bhopal and Mr. Pavan Jain IPS -  Commissioner of Police (State) as our chief guest at the event.
Also, we’re having some extra Demo sessions on self-defense for girls, and cybercrime. 
Everything is going as per plan; we started our promotion by 20th February 2014 for Womaniya.
Hope we will rock with ‘Womaniya‘


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My Journey About Womaniya

Hello friends,

As we know, Community Bhopal going to organize WoManiya Event in the ‘city of Lake’ - Bhopal. This event is basically to promote Womoz program in the city and get more women developer in Mozilla and open source.

Before to going to tell you more about this event, I would like to share you the story of ‘WoManiya’.
This time was Gnuify’13 – ‘Mozilla community India Meetup’ in SICSR College Pune where I invent this name – ‘WoManiya’…. we were discussing about future big event in India on this Mopad .  Soumya Deb was standing there near to board and note down the details about events, I was discussing with Ashish Namdev sir, about Bhopal’s upcoming events. Sara Khan dii Suggested me organize a Women specific event to promote Womoz program in Bhopal. Suddenly this Name clicked in my mind - ‘WoManiya’.  I had raised my name and share this name to other Mozillians, this name is quite funny.
We have a Bollywood song also with this name- ‘WoManiya’ Lyrics are: - Oh Womaniya, ahh Womaniya. : P :) 

So, First I decided to organize this event in March 2013. But in that time we do not have strong community in Bhopal, then I decided to build a strong community first then I will plan for Womaniya. I have organized many events and meetups and recruited many students and make them aware about Mozilla’s Mission and open source.

Till December 2013 I had 21 active and enthusiastic Mozillians students. I did brainstorming meetups with all Mozillians. They started their contribution in Mozilla into different projects like AOA – Army of awesome, It is quite interesting and easy way of contributions; Blogging- Through this we can express ourselves and share our experiences about contributing in Mozilla or open source; Webmaker – It is another interesting project, generally students like to work on it.

Community Bhopal Contribution
I shared with my community members to all about ‘WoManiya’ planning. Everyone got excited by this plan, and finally we decided to organize WoManiya event on 8th March International Women’s Day.

Coming soon : More about #WoManiya

Komal Gandhi

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Opensource and Mozilla Enthusiasts Meetup - I

Hello Friends,

This time I am here with Mozilla Bhopal Community Meetup story. This Meetup is really a great and awesome Meetup yet in all of the community meetups, because in this Meetup there were 21 attendees, they all are passionate, geeky peoples and much Interested to know more about Mozilla. It’s like a surprised thing for me, that community suddenly grows up. 

This Meetup is for to collect all mozillians from the city. This Meetup is intended to collaborate all mozillians and non mozillians (who are interested) and inaugurate Mozilla Community Bhopal.

I started to make contact with all FSA group in Bhopal. I found 3-4 FSA groups here in my city – ‘NRI Mozillians’, ‘Arduous Club Bhopal’, ‘Bansal Firefox Club’ and SAM Firefox Club. Unfortunately, I could not make contact with Bansal and SAM club. Well, now it’s time for planning to create an agenda….

Check it out here:

I have discussed to my dear mentor ‘William Duyck’ and took help from my friend and  mozillian ‘Jafar Muhammed’.

Basically, I have decided 4 metrics for this meetup. Let see how much I fulfilled them.

Metric #1 Education

Success scenario #1 Volunteer Students learn ways to involve contributors in their projects

Result: - 90%

Metric #2 Strengthen community bonding

Success scenario #2 Connect mozillians, FSA, WoMoz and other contributors.

Result: - 101%
Metric #3 Summit discussion

Success scenario #3 Those who attended the summit, will share their summit experiences and also what we learn from the summit.

Result: - Lack of timing we could not shared Summit experience.

Metric #4 Tech - learn - Hack

Success scenario #4 Introduce to mozillians with mozilla’s new tools like Appmaker, Mozilla Brick, Togetherjs.

Result: - 98%

Me and my mozillian friend ‘Anju Chandel’ we decided to keep some useful/fruitful contest for all attendees. ;) I kept 3 tasks - 1) Badge Designing 2) Poster designing and 3) Webmaker makes.
Before 2 days of the event I had contact with Webmaker GURU and My Dost – “GauthamRaj” to be judge cum mentor on the day of my meetup to select best makes and designing. He did really great job and selected 1 badge design for us.

It was NRI Mozillians group Bhopal, who won the Mozilla swag.

For poster designing, I had divided to attendees into 2 groups and gave them all required stationary and 1 hour to use their creativity. After 1 hour,
What I saw?.. :O
It was really amazing and superb!...

They guys did amazing creativity, 1 group made new Mozilla Community logo. Well, this contest became die because both are creations were awesome. ;)

Finally, we inaugurated our Community Bhopal, with these 21 passionate and geeky guys to cut the cake. ;) It was yummy!... :P :P

I would like to say thanks to GGITM, SIRT and NRI Mozillians group to made this meetup successful and usher in community Bhopal..

Finally, I like to mention my all community members name here, who are attended this awesome community meetup, and made this awesome!.. 

Palak Jain, Anju Chandel, Amarpal Singh Rajput, Vaibhav Bajaj, Jitendra Khasdev, Jai Sharma, Aarthish Kumar, Chandan Kuar Baba, Avinash Seth, Arpit Singhal, Saket Jain, Sumbul Afroz ali,  Smriti Jain, Divya Thakre, Parag Jain, Nayan Jain, Prince Shankushal, Bharat Jain..

Thank you
Komal Gandhi